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Pig poo compost

  • Consists of aged, composted pig poo (approx. 85 %), chicken poo (approx. 10 %) and straw (approx. 5 %)

  • Weeds eradicated through heat generation in mounds

  • Composting encouraged through microbiology and turning of mounds

  • And in case you wondered – there is no smell and it’s not attractive to dogs!

The pig poo mix is stored on farm and continuously turned over to assist in the composting and cultivation of the microbiology. This also cooks out any weeds and other seeds. As the mix is fresh from the piggery, it takes approx. 3–6 weeks to reach the level where the product is acceptable for delivery to clients. 

The pig poo compost is currently available in two forms however we are in the process of developing a liquid version. We deliver 6×4 trailers if within the areas of Walpole and Denmark. We suggest these clients lay down black plastic which is large enough to place the compost mix upon as well as pull the plastic over as a cover. The black plastic will keep all the nutrients from soaking into the ground whilst stored.

The other form is single corn sack bags which are approx. 20 kg.  Bags are often easier to manage for those who are in the more urban areas. The bags are biodegradable and will break down if left out in the sun.


The pig poo compost can be used as a mulch on top of the ground approx. 100 mm thick. If planting new plants, dig out the hole then use the empty pot and tip 2–3 pots of poo in to the hole. Mix with some sand within the hole and then place the plant directly on top. Fill in the rest of the hole with sand then lay an additional layer of poo around the base of the new plant. Water in well as this send nutrients straight to the roots to promote root growth. Re-apply more pig poo compost at your leisure.

Please note: all plants love pig poo compost except for most natives as they don’t like too much nitrogen.

Find the pig poo compost nutrient analysis here.