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The story of the Pig Poo Lady

I was born on a farm in the Eastern Wheatbelt town of Kellerberrin and despite my mother telling myself and my two sisters to not marry a farmer, I did. My husband and I are lucky enough to farm in both Frankland River and Nornalup. I say lucky because these are two places that allow you (water-wise and soil types) to have a garden.

After establishing the garden in Frankland (without the use of pig poo compost) we decided to establish a garden down on the coast at our holiday shack. We trucked in new sand which was of very poor nutrition. At the same time we started using the pig poo. The plants boomed and it was incredible. We found establishment, growth and plant health remarkable and the garden hasn’t looked back.

One day I was tearing through the forest between Lake Muir and Walpole towing a trailer with 7 bags of poo and some half wine barrels. I was trying to get back to Walpole in time for a haircut I had booked with Ivan who owns The Big Hair Shop. Naturally he hates people being late so I skidded up to the kerb and raced inside. After giving me a bollocking for my tardiness and like all good hairdressers he looked out the window at my trailer and asked me, “What’s in your trailer?” “Pig poo”, I replied. “Keh?” he says. “It’s pig poo for my garden. You know, kids and red cordial, plants and pig poo”. “Do you have any spare” enquires Ivan. “Umm … Well do you want one of those bags and I will just get some more”. “Can I get 3?” “Yep!” Transaction complete and he settles in to cut my hair.

Post hair cut I walk into the Golden Wattle Service Station to grab a drink and remark to Johnno, “I just sold bags of pig poo in lieu of a haircut”. “Really” says Johnno. “How many have you got left?” “4” I say. “I’ll take those but can you drop it around at my house “says Johnno.

And that is how the Pig Poo Lady started.